An internship in community development provides you with real-life experience to expand your career development.

AFGACF’s community development interns mostly support vulnerable children of local communities with our renowned partners on a diverse range of initiatives in educational enrichment, healthcare awareness, women empowerment, and sustainable agriculture practices.  AFGACF internship program is an all year round program. We accept applications on a rolling basis. 

Our internship Program offer you practical experience that help you to achieve your personal and professional goals whether or not you desire a future career path working with children. AFGACF’s community development interns can partake in quality role-modeling for children in rural communities and provide increased access to education and a nurturing environment, mentor and teach disadvantaged children, and assist community organizations with local outreach on sustainable projects and social vices awareness.

Apart from these,  we also have a wide range of programs specifically for students looking to travel during their spring break; join an alternative spring break program or become a volunteer and make a real difference in the world.
If you complete a community development internship you will gain:

•Comprehensive staff mentorship, feedback and evaluation on an individual, self-directed project.

• Hands-on field training for sustainable development, teaching, and managing children.

• Real-world experience working with children in disadvantaged communities.

• Development of collaborative, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills with our Leadership Courses.

• A professional recommendation for future employers upon the completion of our course.

Our internship programs are designed just for you to fulfill your abroad internship goals. Our well-trained, dedicated, and professional staff will work side-by-side with you and provide the needed assistance throughout your stay.
Our host family home offers decent accommodation (neatly fitted rooms) with serene environs, local dishes prepared under strict hygienic conditions.

Health/Medical Service Interns.

International and National Health/Medical interns are placed with Jei Krodua Clinic, our Partner in Healthcare. This Health Care Center serves communities within Jei Krodua and surrounding communities. The Health Center is just few meters away from our main office in Jei Krodua. However, all interns would still be required to participate in AFGACF Community Health Education Campaign Krodua (A-CHECK), under the supervision of AFGACF’s Community Development Team. Kindly refer to our

Internship Fees Listed Below.

All international and National interns are required to undergo our one month compulsory training course in Leadership, Work Ethics, Understanding Ghanaian Culture and Gender Equality. The Cost of this Training Course is: $ 300.00 USD

*Interns recommended by our remote volunteers shall pay a training course fee of $ 100.00 USD.

Internship Accommodation and Training Fees:

Cost of Training Course Fee:                  $ 300.00 USD

Accommodation fee for (1)month:      $ 400.00 USD

Accommodation fee for (2) months    $ 700.00 USD

Accommodation fee for (3) months    $ 900.00 USD

Accommodation fee for (6) months    $ 1,700.00 USD

*A Group of Interns exceeding the number of (6) Six,  automatically gets a 40%  reduction in all the listed above fees.

All fees are to be paid in full online via our PayPal Account one week before your arrival.

Bank Account Name: {Aid For Girls and Children Foundation-Ghana}

Account Number: {1010111000328}

Swift Code: {GNBGGHAC}

Name of Bank: {GN Bank, Aplaku, Ghana}

Here is a break down of your Accommodation FEES:

Interns DO NOT PAY FEES for Internship with us. Here is a break down of your Accommodation FEES:

Your fees are not only for arranging your accommodation; it also include the cost of living. Most programs we arrange are home stays where you will have local meals cooked for you by the host family. We can only provide local meals ( Breakfast & Lunch).

The most difficult part of setting yourself up in another country is the logistics involved. From finding a place to live to obtaining the perfect volunteer placement, the details are much easier to accomplish when you have a local there to guide you or take care of it all for you, who benefits by receiving an income. We are currently in partnership with many schools, hospitals, and orphanages etc, in nearly every part of Ghana where volunteers can be placed.

As a volunteer you hope to be useful, but it can take some time to understand your role and how your placement organization works; not to mention local cultural practices and etiquette. This is why orientation and cultural training are crucial parts of any responsible volunteer program. The orientation program will include language training and cultural explanations by our staff. The fees paid by you will help us to develop our training programs and hire competent  individuals to run them.

After traveling halfway around the world to a country you have never visited or probably visited, it is our policy to ensure that our representative pick you up at the airport, help you with your luggage and take you to your new home in a car. Once selected, you will be required to provide us with your arrival/ travel itinerary. In most cases volunteers will be picked up at the airport by a representative of our organization and taken to their accommodation. When it is time to leave, we will  again have our representative help you depart Ghana or Liberia safely.

You might need help sorting out banking issue, renewing a visa, or tracking down a doctor who speaks your Language. Having local in-country assistance with issues that could arise is valuable, especially if you are not  fluent in the local language. We know which doctor to visit when you are sick, the best places to board a bus, the most affordable places to buy African souvenirs, safety tips and so much more!

Plus we are around to assist you 24/7, so if an emergency happens on a weekend or at night, we are always nearby. You can also keep in touch with your family members via the internet, so for those with worrying parents, the peace of mind might be worth the money.

Tours and excursions are also great opportunities to better acquaint yourself with fellow volunteers and local staff. Seeing what you’ve read about in books, visiting historical places, rivers, lakes, forests and ancient cities; making memories by taking pictures of museums without worrying about logistical details is an amazing lifetime experience. 

We would also like to remind you that AFGACF is a Charity Non-profit organization thus, all its staff are unpaid volunteers and interns.


STEP 1: Apply using our online internship application form and email your CV to:

Kindly indicate the Full Name of our remote volunteer in your application if you are recommended by one.

STEP 2: Assessment – Your application will be assessed and then forwarded to a member of our recruitment team who will again assess your application and schedule an interview with you if your application is selected. We encourage interns to apply early because being recruited into any of our programs can take some time.

STEP 3: Interview – Our interview is mandatory and it is an important part of your acceptance into our program. After your interview, a final decision about your application will be sent to you confirming your acceptance or refusal into our internship program.

When you’d get an acceptance email from us, the entire internship program you desired along with relevant information about your roles and responsibilities will be sent to you.

STEP 5: Visa Processing – All international interns needing visa to enter Ghana are advised to inform us ahead of time so that an official letter from AFGACF office here in Ghana can be sent to the Ghanaian Consulate in your country informing them of your internship program with us.

STEP 6: Orientation – After receiving your visa, you will be required to E-mail your travel itinerary to:

You will be oriented about life in Ghana and what to expect while you are doing your internship with us.

STEP 7: Pay your accommodation and Training Course Fees Online – You will be required to pay your accommodation and Training Course fees online.

Bank Account Name: {Aid For Girls and Children Foundation-Ghana}

Account Number: {1010111000328}

Swift Code: {GNBGGHAC}

Name of Bank: {GN Bank, Aplaku, Ghana}

*All fees must be paid a week before your arrival  in Ghana. AFGACF shall  issue an official receipt upon receipt of your payment.

STEP 8: Airport Pick-Up Service A representative from AFGACF will be at the airport to pick you up and help you settle into your new home.

STEP 9: Training Course – The 3rd working day after your arrival shall be scheduled to commence your training.

STEP 10: Start of Internship, Monitoring and Evaluation – After completing AFGACF compulsory training courses designed for all interns and volunteers, you will start your actual internship/voluntary program. During your internship program, your performances and attitude towards work will be evaluated and monitored monthly.

STEP 11: Awards Ceremony – After you have satisfactorily completed our  internship program, you will receive a certificate for successfully completing your internship program with us. You will receive a certificate of recognition & completion based on your performances. Please be informed that interns who failed our monthly evaluation performance tasks twice will not be issued with a certificate. Exceptional interns will be given special awards and recognition from AFGACF for their services and commitment towards serving humanity. In exceptional cases, some interns are given roles to represent AFGACF in their respective countries. Exceptional interns shall be allowed to visit AFGACF any time of the year (once)and have their accommodation fee paid in full by AFGACF while in Ghana for a maximum duration of 3 months. Such interns will not pay any money to cover their accommodation and in some cases local meals.

STEP 12: Department – After the successful completion of your internship program, a representative from AFGACF will again arrange your departure from Ghana safely. After you leave Ghana, we will keep in close touch with you by email and telephone to follow up on your progress in your home country and assist you with additional assistance if needed. If your have plans of returning to Ghana the following year, once you have received our certificate which is highly acclaimed worldwide, your accommodation fees will be automatically subjected to a 50% reduction. Which means, AFGACF shall cover half of the cost while you will be required to cover the other half.

Past interns with AFGACF are added to AFGACF private internship program group where they share information, knowledge and skills.
We’d  understand the needs of interns, kindly apply for our program now. We will be glad to have you join our team this year. Thank you for your interest in AFGACF.

MOTTO: Moulding minds, transforming communities.


Aid For Girls and Children Foundation (AFGACF), is a Registered Non-Governmental Organization that works to transform the lives of Underprivileged Girls and Children in Rural and Urban deprived communities through Education (Vocational & Formal), building their capacities to effectively address social issues confronting them and enabling them play a major role in their personal development,Communities and Nations.