Mentor a Child

Today, most youth development organizations recognize the importance of a child having a caring responsible adult in their lives. For children who come from less than ideal circumstances, mentoring can be a critical ingredient towards positive youth outcomes.

A mentor is a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be Dependable, Engaging, Authentic, and Tuned into The Needs of the Mentee.

AFGACF’s Mentorship Inventory defines several reasons why you might volunteer to as a Mentor. If you are interested in Mentoring a Child or an Orphan, Please Apply via Our Online Contact Form indicating your Expression Of Interest in Mentorship.

Function Description Example
Values Function The person is volunteering in order to express or act on important values, such as humanism and helping the less fortunate “I hear so much about the hard lives these kids have and feel I should do what I can to help.”
Understanding Function The volunteer is seeking to learn more about the world and/or exercise skills that are often unused “I know I’ve lived a sheltered life, so I want to know what these kids are dealing with.”
Enhancement Function The individual is seeking to grow and develop psychologically through involvement in volunteering “I get such a good feeling when I am helping others.”
Career Function The volunteer has the goal of gaining career-related experience through volunteering “I’m considering getting into education and want to see how I get along with children.”
Social Function Volunteering allows the person to strengthen one’s social relationships “Two of my good friends are mentors and say I’d be good at it.”
Protective Function The individual uses volunteering to reduce negative feelings, such as guilt, or to address personal issues “I want to give a child the role model I never had growing up.”

Aid For Girls and Children Foundation (AFGACF), is a Registered Non-Governmental Organization that works to transform the lives of Underprivileged Girls and Children in Rural and Urban deprived communities through Education (Vocational & Formal), building their capacities to effectively address social issues confronting them and enabling them play a major role in their personal development,Communities and Nations.