Registration/Core Values

The Foundation is a Registered Charitable Organization and Incorporated under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) of The Republic of Ghana; And Having Complied With The Provision Of Sections 27 and 28 Of The Companies Code 1963, was Entitled To Commence Business On The 17th Day Of February 201 6.
AFGACF’s Primary Goal is to help underpriviledged Girls and Children in Rural Communities obtain quality education. We are however proud of the lives we have been able to touch here in Ghana and are equally excited about the future of Africa.
We pursue Social Justice, Gender Equality. We Champion the Rights of Girls and Children and Respect Diversity. We Believe in Transparency and Accountability and abhor Prejudice and Discrimination in all its forms and hues.
We expect all our staff to respect, defend and adhere to these values and work in an ethical manner at all times during their discharge of their duties.

OUR CORE VALUES: Partnership-We believe in the power of people. We employ a people-centered approach to development and the challenge of overcoming poverty and inequality. We support our partners by allowing them to drive their own development. We recognize that we all have a stake in effective development, and we seek to build on each other’s capabilities.

We Value Diversity: We recognize and care about the rights and dignity of others. We strive to live up to our commitments, to be fair and transparent in our work and to act consistently in applying our principles.


Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and proactively demonstrate that we work with and on behalf of others. We perform consistently to standards and seek to achieve and inspire excellence. We are dedicated to continually drawing from our experience, sharing knowledge and applying it to improve our work.

Through skilled volunteers and collaborative partnerships, AFGACF is working to helping people and the communities in which they live become more self-sufficient and resilient.

Priorities include:
Education and Skills training to improve employability.

Entrepreneurship support and Leadership Trainings.

Livelihood Activities.

Aid For Girls and Children Foundation (AFGACF), is a Registered Non-Governmental Organization that works to transform the lives of Underprivileged Girls and Children in Rural and Urban deprived communities through Education (Vocational & Formal), building their capacities to effectively address social issues confronting them and enabling them play a major role in their personal development,Communities and Nations.